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Couples. Massage. Connect.

Personal Couples Massage Workshops

Connect. Simply put, our Massage Workshops are designed to use Swedish massage to connect/reconnect with your partner. Learn valuable massage skills that can enhance and build your relationship through touch in a fun, safe and comfortable atmosphere.

Michelle, our workshop trainer, has over 20 years of massage experience, as well as being a qualified and experienced Remedial Massage teacher. During the workshop, Michelle will teach the basic strokes of Swedish massage, how to apply oil and explain any contra-indications or cautions using basic anatomy. Importantly she also includes the best posture and how to use your body correctly when massaging.

Due to our stunning new location in our 1920’s character house. We will be offering all workshops privately. This means you will be the only couple in attendance. It allows you to have our trainer Michelle's full attention and make use of our electric table for an even better experience and connection with your partner.


Sunday Full Day Workshop

Our one day workshop runs for 5 hours, which includes a break for lunch. Focus is on the back, neck and shoulders, arms and hands using Swedish massage techniques. 

A fun way to spend a day with your partner, away from social media and other modern day interruptions, a great mini-break without the need to travel. 


2 hour Couples Massage Workshop

Our condensed 2 hour Workshop focuses on the back and introduces couples to Swedish massage, while still having the opportunity to take some time out for each other.


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Personal Couples Massage Workshops

All classes are available on request

"2 Hour" workshops

Available on Fridays, Saturdays,
Sunday afternoons or early evening

All Day Workshops
Sunday's only

Contact us if you are interested!

"The workshop was outstanding"

- K &J

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