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Sustainability and Hills Massage

One of the best things that happened to us during COVID lockdown was that it gave us time to think. We were closed for 5 weeks (I appreciate that is far less than some) and an ongoing issue that had been bugging me, I now had time to consider and improve. Sustainability of the clinic!

We tried to look at the big picture so not JUST the use of paper in the clinic, but our cleaning processes and our carbon footprint. So, we made changes


Our Australian software booking system was our first change. Cliniko really stepped up in COVID with incredible support, so we decided to utilize the system more fully. Secure online client forms and treatment notes. SO much less paper. Oh, and Cliniko donate 2% of their profits to charity.


BUY LOCAL – We source everything in our clinic from Australia, and 90% from Kalamunda/Perth. We use Herb Circle, based in Kalamunda for beautiful oils and now COVID sanitizer.


BUY LOCAL – We have found a business that uses old cork stoppers from wine bottles to create our massage balls and peanuts


CLEANING – We have found another Australian Company – a first in the world we believe! ZeroCo

Instead of buying single use plastic cleaning containers, we now use one container (for each purpose, laundry detergent, handwash, all purpose cleaning, dishwashing etc) and we get refills when needed. Their mission is to reduce the plastics in the ocean by stopping the use of single use plastic. They are now even Carbon negative and their products are environmentally friendly.


LAUNDRY We have also outsourced the cleaning of our towels to Alsco. Although they are a large company, they have a Perth location, and we chose them for their continued improvement in their approach to cleaning and the environment (click on the logo to see their latest achievements).


We also made a few smaller changes such as:

  • Changing from plastic to paper cups for clients

  • Swapping out our notepad in reception for a small blackboard, where clients could leave messages if they popped in and we were busy.

  • Being mindful of our use of heating and air conditioning by maintaining appliances and using only as necessary


We are by no means perfect, but we do try to look after this incredible place we are fortunate enough to call home. We are always open to ways to improve this so please feel free to reach out if you have any ideas.

Thanks Michelle xx

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