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Spiral Stabilization

Spiral Stabilization for Backs is our newest offering from Sonia. 

It is a combination of massage and specific exercises that focus on back issues.

It was established over 30 years ago in the Czech Republic by Dr Richard Smisek MD and is now spread throughout Europe and the United States.

Using the specially designed resistance cord the exercises strengthen and stretches muscles to reduce tightness and eliminates imbalances within the body.

The treatment effectively remediates back, neck, shoulder and hip pain, chronic pain, sciatica, headaches, disc herniation, scoliosis, hyper-lordosis, hyper-kyphosis, back pain in pregnancy and other conditions. It also improves posture, running and sports performance amongst many additional benefits.

Spiral Stabilization is suitable for children, adults, the elderly and athletes. The exercises can be comfortably performed at home or under the supervision of your therapist.

Sonia is a very experienced practitioner in this modality and was taught by the founder Dr Smisek, she ran a clinic in Brno and taught other practitioners including Drs and physiotherapists.

The massage component of the consultation is covered by health insurance.

If you are interested in learning more or booking an appointment, please contact us so we can discuss further.

Coming soon - SpS Classes 

Group classes:

✅Maximum of 4 people in the group to make sure that everyone gets attention from Sonia, our expert SpS facilitator and teacher

✅1 hour class mainly focusing on SpS exercise + some stretching tips

✅Starting on the 9th of September 2023

Please note: if you are diagnosed with bulged disc, scoliosis or other major conditions, please let us know first so we can discuss.

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