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How we are managing our studio in the presence of COVID in our community

After a long standoff with COVID, inevitably it has now arrived at our doorstep. Although we are not blind to the fact that it may well pass our threshold. Be assured we have one of the most thorough plans in place to look after our client community and team of therapists.

This is not a political blog, rather just illustrating the measures we have undertaken to provide an ongoing high professional massage experience for our clients during the pandemic now upon us. Along with everyone else, we are hoping this is a short-lived situation and we look forward to returning to something bearing a normal pre-COVID life in the weeks/months to come. We appreciate the continued support from our clients in trusting us to look after you.

Our plan consists of three main areas:

  • Cleaning

  • Air purifiers

  • Assessment/Management


One fortunate thing about having a small space is that it is easier to clean. We have far less traffic through our doors compared to other premises, so it makes it far easier to deal with. Our policy:

  • Start of day and end of day cleaning of the studio with isopropyl-alcohol solution

  • Between each client – a 15-minute gap

  • We have found a non-alcohol-based solution, ViroClear that is 99.9% effective in killing COVID – this is great news for our massage tables as the alcohol was causing many tears in the vinyl. We continue to use the alcohol solution on common touch points like door handles, chairs, pens etc BUT for a surface where you have spent an hour this new solution is brilliant (it is also nontoxic to humans)

  • Therapist 30 second hand washing between each client before AND after as well as hand sanitizer for all clients on entry and when leaving the studio

  • Yomassage and Workshops hand sanitizer, ViroClear, between each client and wiping down all equipment used.

Air purifiers

Research from Choice Magazine shows:

Viruses such as the COVID-19 virus are usually transmitted by small aerosol particles when an infected person breathes out, or coughs or sneezes; these tiny droplets can stay in the air for a long time, up to an hour or more. In the right circumstances, a good air purifier can remove most of these particles from a room's air.

Drops will still settle on surfaces, so that is where the cleaning comes in.

Assessment Management

Finally, to tie it all together:

  • A series of questions when you arrive checking for symptoms, taking your temperature, checking your vaccine status (mandated/law), and tagging on to the safe WA or Service WA App

  • Mask wearing – therapists have the N95 masks that have shown to be more effective against the OMICRON stain

  • Management of our space with only therapist and clients in the studio with our waiting room now on the veranda outside.

We have many immunocompromised clients and in our risk analysis this plan is the best we can do to look everyone, clients, and therapists alike.

Hills Massage

You’re in good hands!

Shell xx

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