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The year that was 2020

Hands up if you are looking forward to 2021?

2020 seemed to chuck everything at us:

  • Of course, there was (is) the COVID19 pandemic.

  • The UK left the European Union (BREXIT)

  • The bushfires on the east coast - remember those?

  • The race riots in America after the murder of George Floyd

  • And finally (without being overly political) the circus that was (is) the US election.

Yet, after all of that, we have to consider ourselves incredibly lucky. WA has been spared the worst of the pandemic so far, and our quality of life seems to be one of the best in the world at the moment.

Many businesses in WA will report that 2020 has ended up being a bumper year, and Hills Massage is no exception. We had to close for 5 weeks in March and April when the pandemic hit, but since then, business has been strong. For that, we have to thank you all.

2020 has allowed us to achieve a lot of our goals:

  • We hired two new therpists (Sona and Natalie) which has allowed us to help a lot more people this year

  • Our Couples Massage Workshops have been a real hit and he plan to run those every month

  • Rewarding loyal clients with a free massage draw per month

  • Supporting Ester House Foundation with free massages

  • We had an Australian first when we started our YoMassage classes

2021 is looking very exciting for us. We've got lots of plans in motion:

  • Some community based enterprises

  • Client challenges to get us all involved

  • Growing YoMassage to the rest of the hills and surrounding Perth

  • Continue our commitment to improve our environmental sustainability. We have gone mostly paperless now, and we are reducing our reliance on plastic products.

  • Continue to support local businesses

Have a wonderful festive season. Be careful on the roads and don't over indulge too much. If you are able to be with family, cherish the time. Be thankful for living in the most wonderful place on earth.

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