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What is Remedial Massage?

So what exactly is Remedial Massage?

I have been asked this question numerous times over the last 10 years, and to be honest when I first started my massage career I didn’t have a clue either. Massage has been around for centuries, all over the world in some shape or form, so you would be forgiven for be a little bit confused about the many different styles. I am not an expert by any means, but I have been working in Remedial Massage for 15 years now, so hopefully I can clear up what it is we actually do at Hills Massage.

A good definition from Medibank Private: Remedial massage is the systematic assessment and treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury managementRemedial Massage is an umbrella term for many different styles of western style massage. It incorporates:·         Deep Tissue ·         Myofascial Release Therapy ·         Myofascial Trigger Points ·         Swedish ·         Manual Lymph Drainage ·         Pregnancy Massage ·         Sports Massage ·         Postural MassageRemedial Massage can be used to relax you after a stressful work week. To help prepare you for that weekend footy game with finals rapidly approaching.  Ease away the pain after that very first Saturday Park Run. Help you release the tension in that lower back when you are 7 months pregnant and carrying that growing bundle of joy. Rehabilitate that frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, and plantar fasciitis. Correct your posture and soreness between the shoulder blades after spending years at a desk and in front of a computer. That headache – you just can’t shift, coming from your neck, shoulders – maybe a trigger point or two in your upper trapezius.

Remedial Massage can help so many soft tissue conditions. But it is NOT just massage. It is assessment, testing, reassessment and exercises. There is a reason you can claim for Remedial Massage on your health insurance. We train for at least 2 years with continuing professional education every year. We take a full health history. We assess you and listen to your issues. We test your range of motion (ROM) and use special tests to help establish a treatment plan. Then we massage and stretch, reassess your ROM and pain levels and give you your homework. Yes I said HOMEWORK. We give you take home exercises based on what we have found and this includes stretching or strengthening the area of concern. It’s all about balance - lengthen or strengthen to provide balance between opposing groups of muscles.  Finally we work with you to plan your best course of treatment. Everyone is unique and presents with different issues.  We may have some just wanting a one off de-stress, but for an injury, postural imbalance or to our budding sports stars, it may take several sessions to achieve the desired result. So that is why we plan, work with our clients and reassess after treatment.Hope this helps enlighten you. Please feel free to ask any questions.Remedial Massage - we are your Soft Tissue Specialists

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