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Massage and Relationships

We all know the benefits of a good massage by now – I’ve personally posted loads of information on this but to summarize - massage:

  • boosts endorphins or feel good hormones

  • decreases stress hormones like cortisol and noradrenaline

  • reduces blood pressure

  • can help improve quality of sleep

  • reduces muscle tension

  • helps improve recovery of soft tissue injuries

So how can massage impact on your relationship?

A recent study presented at the British Psychological Society’s Annual Conference in Brighton; England found that Couples who used massage in their relationship found an improvement in overall:

  • wellbeing

  • stress

  • coping abilities

"These findings show that massage can be a simple and effective way for couples to improve their physical and mental wellbeing whilst showing affection for one another," lead researcher Sayuri Naruse of Northumbria University told Science Daily.

With past research having shown that couples tend to operate as a pair when coping with stress, giving each other a massage may also help to ensure relationship stability.’’

The first step in the benefits of massaging your partner, is the fact that you have set up some time to connect. By setting the scene, which may include a romantic atmosphere with candles, mood music and maybe dimming the lights – you are halfway there. If you then turn off your devices and wait for the kids to go to bed, even better.

Massage or therapeutic touch is about connection. It is well documented that giving a massage also reduces stress for the partner giving the massage as well as receiving it.

So how best to massage your partner? We can help with one of our Date Night Couples Massage Workshops or Sunday all day workshops.

In our workshops we limit the number of participants to 3 couples only and we provide everything you need to learn the basics of giving and receiving a Swedish massage.

We have been running our workshops for two years now and have even had some of our couples report back letting us know that they are still massaging months later.

Massage tables can be easily sourced on Gumtree for less than $100 or just find a chair and a table and have your partner seated with their head on a pillow on the table if you want to help neck and shoulder tension or even a seat on the lounge while you massage their feet. Regardless of your set up, take the time - make a date it can be 15 mins or an hour, but it is worth it for both of you.

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